9:00 AM

Effective CRM through SOCIAL MEDIA

Jessica Ash & Murray Ash, Padawan

It costs far less to keep a current member than it does to recruit a new one. Social media is a powerful tool to build a community around your gym and keep your members engaged, reducing your churn. It’s also a great sales tool to upsell members on ancillary revenue and to bring new members to your World Gym.

10:00 AM

Fueling Workouts and Nourishing Physical Transformations

Dr. Rob Wildman, Chief Science Officer at Dymatize

Everybody has a “secret” nutrition tip that’s supposed to make all the difference. Avoid the junk science and focus on a real nutrition programs backed by actual science. When properly trained on a science-based nutrition program, your entire coaching staff can help your athletes achieve their goals faster and increase ancillary revenue at your gym.

11:00 AM

Franchisee Panel & Town Hall

In this interactive seminar, you’ll hear directly from some of our most successful operators all around the world. They will share stories, advice and lessons they learned the hard way on how to be successful. If you have questions you would like answered during this session, email marketing@worldgym.coM.



9:00 AM


David Hochman, Chief Financial Officer, World Gym

If someone offered to purchase your World Gym today, would you know what your gym is worth? Are you familiar with health club valuation multiples and how they are derived? Are you running your gym with a possible sale in mind and taking the steps to maximize its attractiveness to a buyer? Don’t leave money on the table, learn more about how to value a gym and optimize its value.

10:00 AM

Multi-generational fitness Needs

Sal Pellegrino, Sr. Mgr. Strategic Accounts, Precor

Every day more and more articles are written on how to attract Millennials to your Gym but a balanced approach including Boomers, Millennials and beyond is a far more profitable approach. Learn the specific needs and desires of these respective generations and discover some great business opportunities. Who has the highest income? Who has 75% of disposable income? What special programs should we incorporate to our training departments? Many operators are leaving lots of money on the table. Generate more income going into the busy winter season by speaking to all the generations.

11:00 AM


Grassroots marketing and community outreach are great ways to drive loyal business to your gym. Grassroots marketing is very generally very low-tech and about interacting with potential customers very much on a one-on-one basis. Building a profile within your community using grassroots and community outreach is a constant effort. If implemented properly, your gym will become a pillar in the community, a gathering place for locals and a local institution. Explore some ideas and activations to consider for both grassroots and community outreach.